August 31, 2015

Not your average Joe's

The life of a journalist is hard. Sometimes we're asked to write thousands of words on a tight deadline. Other times we're expected to phone dozens of sources in the hopes of a story scoop. And once in a while, we get assigned to go undercover. That's what I recently did for CSP Magazine, which sweetened the deal by sending me on a shopping spree for snacks at a Trader Joe's store – all on the publisher's dime. The results were, to put it bluntly, delicious.

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August 23, 2015

How hospitals prepare for disaster

Hospitals are thought of as a safe haven for patients, staff and visitors alike. But health care facilities and medical centers are not impervious to violent acts of Mother Nature. In my newest article for The Joint Commission's Environment of Care News newsletter, I explore the topic of emergency readiness and disaster preparedness at hospitals.

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