April 17, 2024

Cineversary podcast marks 70th anniversary of Seven Samurai

David Desser and Stuart Galbraith IV
In Cineversary podcast episode #69, host Erik Martin sends 70th birthday wishes to Akira Kurosawa’s epic masterwork Seven Samurai. This month, he’s joined by Asian cinema expert and University of Illinois film professor David Desser, as well as Stuart Galbraith IV, author of The Emperor and the Wolf: The Lives and Films of Akira Kurosawa and Toshiro Mifune. Together, they explore what makes this film a treasure of world cinema, how it has stood the test of time, prominent themes, and more.

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April 9, 2024

Shed of the class

Whether you need extra real estate to store that lawnmower, a handy hideaway to stash your bikes and gear, or additional space for crafting or relaxing, a sturdy new shed deserves a spot in your yard. Fortunately, a wider array of these prefabricated enclosures are available today, easier to assemble and built to last longer than ever.

Learn more by reading my latest article for The Costco Connection magazine, available here.

April 2, 2024

Spring housing market forecast

With the weather warming up and flowers starting to bloom, it’s natural to get excited about the spring season upon us. But will hope spring eternal for home shoppers and sellers alike over the next few months? What’s in store for us as the national spring home buying season begins?

When in doubt, consult those in the know. So I contacted several trusted housing market experts for their analyses and forecasts about the spring home buying season, including predictions on mortgage rates, home prices, and inventory as well as tips on how house hunters can get a leg up on the competition. Read my full writeup, published by The Mortgage Reports, here.