September 19, 2016

Publicity that's downright scary

Not all of my clients are newspaper, magazine, website and newsletter publishers. I also handle public relations duties for a number of businesses across the country, including a creative entrepreneur from my neck of the woods who likes to give people nightmares. He operates a seasonal commercial haunted attraction during the Halloween season called Midnight Terror that attracts thousands of visitors every October. This is his third foray into frights-for-a-fee, and he's out to make a splash with his biggest and best haunted house attraction yet.

Learn more about this unnerving exhibition by clicking here and reading the news release I created for Midnight Terror, which is generating healthy placements in Chicagoland print and online publications.

September 4, 2016

Want a kitchen that makes a splash? Think backsplash

It may not cover as much surface area as your floor, countertops or cabinet fronts, but make no mistake: the wall above your sink is often the first place the eyes fix upon when looking into a kitchen. That's the backsplash zone, and it's important real estate when it comes to creating a focal point and key design element in the most used and valued room in your house. Learn more about how to create the ideal backsplash by reading my most recent article for HomeStyle Weekly, published in various papers across the country, available here.