October 26, 2021

Pushing PR to techies

Got a new product, service, event, or announcement that you want to shout about from the mountaintops? Unfortunately, getting the attention of technology journalists and associated media and promoting your tech-related news isn’t easy these days. That’s because there are a lot of PR experts angling to do the same thing, and technology reporters, publishers, and influencers are bombarded with messages on virtually every platform they subscribe to.

So how does a PR, marketing, sales, communications, IT, or product manager cleave through the clutter, connect with the right correspondent, and create better awareness of their new offering, brand, or latest information? Very carefully, the experts agree.

Learn more about how to design a PR strategy that will reach targeted tech pros by reading my article on this topic for new client M2T, available here.

October 19, 2021

Important final steps before you walk into homeownership

You’re preparing to close on a home purchase and getting excited about moving in. But there’s an important step you’ll need to take before the transaction is completed: a final walk-through before closing. This personal inspection can ensure that the property you have committed to on paper is in relatively identical condition to when you first visited it and that the seller is compliant with terms of your real estate contract.

Learn more about what’s involved with this process and what should be included on your final walk-through checklist by reading my article on this topic, published recently in the Chicago Tribune.

October 13, 2021

It's still alive! Celebrate Frankenstein's 90th birthday with Cineversary

 In Cineversary podcast episode #40, host Erik Martin has a monster of an interview with Boris Karloff's daughter Sara Karloff and David Skal, a highly respected horror film historian and author of the book Fright Favorites. Together, they commemorate the 90th anniversary of the 1931 Universal horror classic Frankenstein, examining why the film is worth celebrating all these years later, its cultural impact and legacy, what we can learn from the movie in 2021, and more.

To listen to this episode, click here or click the "play" button on the embedded streaming player below. Or, you can stream, download or subscribe to the Cineversary podcast using Apple PodcastsStitcherSpotifyGoogle PodcastsBreakerCastboxPocket CastsPodBeanRadioPublic, and Overcast.

Learn more about the Cineversary podcast at anchor.fm/cineversary and email show comments or suggestions to cineversegroup@gmail.com

October 11, 2021

How much is your home worth?

Planning to sell your house soon? Seeking to tap into your home’s equity? Looking to lower your property taxes? If so, you’re likely wondering: How much is my house worth?

It’s smart to keep tabs on your home’s valuation and value in the market – even if none of the above scenarios apply. Fortunately, there are several home value estimator tools and resources you can use to get at least a rough idea of what your home—or a property you’re eyeing—is currently worth. Just be prepared to find variation in your research. Home valuation experts, websites and other sources use different data and formulas in determining your property’s worth, with some being more accurate than others.

Want more tips on this topic? Read my newest piece for Bankrate, available here.

October 5, 2021

Get your home Halloween on

Hear that? It’s the soon-to-be-supplied sound of costumed candy-seekers parading up to your front door and ringing the bell. Yes, you’ll likely be well stocked with plenty of sweet treats. But is your overall property prepared for the festivities? Have you given any thought to creepy curb appeal? Is your front porch festooned with ghoulish d├ęcor and your yard properly populated with props and pumpkins?

Your trick-or-treating days may be long gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge your inner Chucky and bring some needed Halloween spirit to your abode. For tips on how to festively adorn your residence with spooky decor, read my article on this topic (which actually published two years ago) in The Dallas Morning News here.