October 31, 2023

Avoid the gore and decorate with care this Halloween

More homeowners than ever before are decking their halls with dread and amplifying their exteriors during the Halloween season. Consider that spending for this spooky holiday hit a record high of $10.6 billion in 2022, per the National Retail Foundation, up from $8 billion spent in 2020 – with 75% of these consumers purchasing holiday décor, which increasingly includes animatronics and large outdoor figures such as the 12-foot Home Depot skeleton that’s been all the rage the past three years.

But while Halloween decorating and enthusiasm around October 31 festooning are on the rise, so are the risks associated with such. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that 3,200 Halloween-related injuries occur every year, on average. Many of these injuries are caused by decorations, including carving a pumpkin, using a ladder to hang up décor and electric shocks from faulty wires when employing electric lights.

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October 24, 2023

How to buy a home remotely

Years ago, the idea of ​​purchasing a home sight unseen – that is, without physically inspecting the property – was strongly frowned upon by most in the real estate industry. After all, what is probably the biggest and most expensive transaction of your life should include looking, touching and walking through the home to prevent buyer’s regrets.

But especially since the pandemic, remote buying has become a viable trend, making sense for a significant number of out-of-state/international buyers who can’t make the trip in time but still want to claim an available property before someone else does.

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October 17, 2023

Cineversary podcast throws 50th and 75th birthday party for The Exorcist and Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein

Alexandre Philippe and Gregory Mank
In Cineversary podcast episode #63, host Erik Martin honors big birthdays of 2 great horror films. First, he’s joined by Alexandre O. Philippe, director of Leap of Faith: William Friedkin on The Exorcist, to honor the 50th anniversary of The Exorcist, directed by William Friedkin; and then he partners with classic horror historian and author Gregory Mank to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. Erik and his guests indulge in some Halloween frights and fun, exploring why these two films remain masterworks, how they’ve stood the test of time, and more.

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October 10, 2023

Smokeless wonder

In baseball, the most valuable athletes are five-tool players. But in your kitchen, you get the equivalent of a six-tool player with a Gourmia FoodStation—a smokeless grill, griddle, and air fryer that also bakes, roasts, and dehydrates, all in one compact product that occupies minimal counter space.

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October 3, 2023

Take a bite of the Big Peach

Atlanta's a pretty popular place right now, as evidenced by the Braves' stellar regular season and high hopes for a long playoff run this October. But winning baseball isn't the only reason why this jewel of the South shines so brightly. There are dozens of fantastic amenities, museums, and family-friendly attractions waiting to be discovered. I created a roundup of must-see destinations in and around Atlanta this autumn in my NACS Show Guide for CSP, available here