April 25, 2016

Passport to academic adventure in Southeast Asia

Loyola University students eager to spread their wings beyond Chicago and explore exciting academic opportunities overseas often choose to study at the university’s centers in Rome or Beijing. But a third locale exists that many undergraduates may not be aware of: Loyola’s Vietnam Center, which offers a variety of classes and excursions since the program expanded from a summer session to a fall or spring semester option in 2010.

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April 18, 2016

Old school print mint

Ever seen an antique printing press machine at work? Curious how books are bound together? Marvel at the artistry and ingenuity of an intricate pop-up book? You might want to take a trip west to visit the San Francisco Center for the Book, a school/museum/studio that teaches students and visitors about old school bookmaking and printing techniques.

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April 4, 2016

Saving in cyberspace

If you’re like many people, you salt away rainy day funds in a savings account at a neighborhood bank, where your money is safe and can at least accrue some interest. Problem is that many banks offer a paltry annual rate of return for savings accounts, often 0.01%, meaning $10,000 saved could accrue only $1 in interest after a year. But that same $10,000 could reap a more robust $110 in interest if kept in an OSA, where the annual percentage yield is as high as 1.10% at the time of this writing.

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