February 29, 2016

Code pink rethink

Preventing an infant abduction (referred to as a "code pink") is a top priority at hospitals. To beef up security measures and better safeguard these vulnerable inpatients, healthcare facilities conduct a range of safety and security drills – including mock tracers.

The importance of mock tracers is explored in my latest article for The Joint Commission's Environment of Care newsletter. Click here to read the full story.

February 21, 2016


If you run a retail brick-and-mortar establishment, you know that it's important to engage customers and offer targeted and personalized deals and promotions that appeal to them. But doing that in real time while patrons are walking through your store isn't so easy. Thankfully, social WiFi can help.

Unlike traditional WiFi offered within buildings—which usually requires smartphone users to choose your network and ask for/type in a password—social WiFi makes it simple for customers to quickly and easily connect to your public WiFi network by allowing them to log in via their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social network account. Once logged in, the user can be prompted to “like,” “check in” and “follow” your business, and they can receive a targeted promotion/mobile coupon designed to build a social engagement.

Read my article on social WiFi - the first topic I've tackled for my new client The Content Wrangler - by clicking here.

February 15, 2016

Paying mind to tweets, posts and timelines

Back in elementary school, “social studies” was likely one of your least interesting subjects—a groan-inducing class that involved hefty textbooks and boring lesson plans. Fast forward to 2016, and the study of all things social takes on a whole new, different and exciting significance, one in which public networking via online communications has changed the world and opened up exhilarating and profitable possibilities for marketers, publishers and digital content providers alike.

To read my analysis of the state of social media in 2016, freshly published by EContent Magazine, click here.

February 8, 2016

All atwitter about the great outdoors

Bet you didn't know that 47 million Americans are bird watchers, representing about 15 percent of the population. Or that approximately three million American households purchase wild bird seed at least occasionally, contributing to a $6.3 billion market in the United States for wild bird feeders and seed. That kind of business is definitely not "for the birds."

In my latest column for Pet Age magazine, I explore the topic of trends and products geared toward wild birds, which you can read by clicking here.

February 1, 2016

World wide wed site

Erik Martin has crafted winning PR campaigns for numerous corporate clients over the years, garnering impressive placements in newspapers, magazines, TV/radio programs and online publications. Now, he's taking his prowess for promoting directly to the people - betrothed people, that is - with the launch of I Thee Web, a wedding publicity service. I Thee Web announces a couple's engagement and nuptial plans to the world via a personalized love story article that can be published in local online newspapers as well as a customized wedding website featuring an animated slideshow, couples Q&A, milestone timeline, links to gift registries and more.

You can view I Thee Web's first completed wedding website and included love story article by clicking here.