January 24, 2023

Understanding contingencies in a real estate contract

When you’re working on a computer, the undo button is an invaluable tool. So is a contingency clause when you’re looking to buy or sell a home. It provides a way for one or both parties to back out of a real estate contract if certain specified conditions are not met.

Common contingencies in real estate sales include an appraisal contingency, inspection contingency, and a funding contingency. Most contingency clauses are designed to protect the buyer’s interests, although including too many contingencies in a contract could make you appear less appealing to the seller, especially when multiple offers are involved.

It’s important to understand how contingencies work and to collaborate closely with your real estate agent and attorney on which contingencies to include and agree to. Learn more by checking out my latest article for Bankrate, available here.

January 17, 2023

Cineversary podcast celebrates 80th birthday of Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt

In Cineversary podcast episode #55, host Erik Martin and guest Carrie Rickey, former film critic for The Philadelphia Inquirer, explore the hidden rot beneath the white picket fences of a small town and the sinister secrets that threaten to destroy an all-American family as they celebrate the 80th birthday of Alfred Hitchcock’s Shadow of a Doubt.
Carrie Rickey
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Learn more about the Cineversary podcast at anchor.fm/cineversary and email show comments or suggestions to cineversegroup@gmail.com.

January 9, 2023

9 ways to save more money in 2023

It’s getting trickier for Americans to pay their bills and salt away extra savings lately. That’s because inflation remains a major problem and our wages often don’t keep pace with the higher costs of goods and services. It’s also true that many people lack the discipline and know-how to spend less and budget properly.

By following proven methods for saving cash, you can pad your savings and avoid going into the red. While there are common strategies for saving dollars, several lesser-known/used tactics exist that can help you get better control of your finances. Read my newest article for Credit Sesame, available here, for details.

January 3, 2023

Why savings accounts still matter

When you were younger, you probably had a piggy bank that stored loose change. While you had to be patient waiting for that piggy bank to fill up, eventually cashing in that change was a rewarding experience that allowed you to pay for something special later on. The same can be true of a savings account, which allows you to salt away money for a rainy day, future goal, or emergency.

Opening a savings account is relatively easy. But first, it’s important to do your homework and better understand how savings accounts work and what is required. Take the time to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of savings accounts, applicable rules, ways to maximize your account, and alternative options you might want to consider. Learn more by reading my first article for CompareOffers.com, available here.