October 25, 2022

Where's the housing market headed in 2023? Let's find out...

We’re rounding the corner on 2022 and quickly heading toward a new year. That makes this a perfect time to prognosticate real estate matters for 2023. With mortgage rates escalating higher, home sales — and, in some areas, home prices — hitting the brakes, and increased uncertainty felt throughout the market, many homeowners, prospective sellers and prospective buyers are nervous about next year.

Eager to learn what the experts predict in 2023 regarding mortgage rates, home prices, buyer competition, housing supply, sales activity and home affordability? Check out my newest article for Bankrate (available here), which forecasts these housing market matters.

October 18, 2022

Reduce your risks of breast cancer with these tips

If you’re a woman in the United States, there’s a 13% chance you’ll be diagnosed with breast cancer in your lifetime. Fortunately, the five-year survival rate is 90%. But it remains the fifth leading cause of death worldwide.

While you can’t change your genetic predisposition to or a family history of the disease, learning the facts, taking precautionary measures consistently and early on, and making recommended lifestyle changes can alter the odds in your favor and help decrease the likelihood that you’ll ever be diagnosed with or succumb to breast cancer.

Learn more by reading my latest article for CTW Features, available here.

October 15, 2022

Cineversary podcast celebrates Nosferatu and Cat People anniversaries

David Kalat and Gregory Mank

For Cineversary podcast episode #52, host Erik Martin takes a double dip into the Halloween candy bowl by spotlighting two seminal early horror films: First, Nosferatu, which marks a 100th anniversary this year, for which he’s joined by film scholar and Nosferatu expert David Kalat; and Cat People, commemorating an 80th birthday in 2022, for which he’s joined by classic horror historian Gregory Mank, author of The Very Witching Time of Night: Dark Alleys of Classic Horror Cinema. Erik and his guests peel back the cobwebs on these macabre masterworks to explore how they remain relevant today, why they’re worth celebrating, and the long shadows of influence they’ve cast upon the horror genre.

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October 3, 2022

Want to buy a car? Aim for this credit score

It’s time for a new set of wheels. But before heading to the dealership, it’s a good idea to understand how much a particular vehicle may cost and what you can afford. If you need to finance the purchase, take the time to learn what credit score to buy a car is recommended. That’s because your credit rating will determine if you qualify for a loan and your interest rate.

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