July 17, 2017

Home buyers cope with stressed-out shopping syndrome

From sweating the down payment to fretting about interest rates creeping up to worrying about overpaying, home buyers face a lot of fears today—particularly in a market where sellers seem to have all the leverage. But with the right help, an organized approach and a positive mindset, they can feel more in control and better manage the process, say the experts.

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July 3, 2017

The rec room reimagined

In the 1970s, wood-paneled rumpus rooms were all the rage. By the 1990s, that space often morphed into a game room or dedicated home theater. Today, those concepts have blended into a 21st century entertainment room—a modern multipurpose area where family and friends can binge watch their favorite shows or engage in serious lights-out movie watching, partake in a PlayStation 4 war or roll the dice in an old school board game, and socialize with snacks or bring out the tots’ toys.

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