January 21, 2018

That toddlin' town

Many know it best as “the Windy City.” It was christened “the city of big shoulders” by poet Carl Sandburg. Frank Sinatra crooned that it was “My Kind of Town.” Legendary mayor Richard J. Daley’s “the city that works” slogan has stuck around since the 1970s. And you might as well have dubbed it title town after Michael Jordan’s heroics in the 1990s.

While the nicknames may have changed, the name of the game hasn’t: Chicago remains a world-class city that stands tall when it comes to entertainment, culture, history, architecture, innovation, and civic pride.

No wonder it's often chosen as the site of many an organization's annual meeting, as was true in late 2017 when the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) opted to host its once-a-year convention in Chicago. I wrote a Chicago tourist guide in advance of the NACS Show that published in late 2017, which you don't have to be a 7-Eleven owner to use or appreciate. Click here to read my guide.