January 13, 2019

Improve in place

Years ago, many homeowners would often embark on ambitious renovation projects with the primary goal of increasing resale value and unloading their properties. But today, folks are looking to fix up their abodes and enjoy the comforts and benefits of those home improvements long term, based on the latest data.

Results of HomeAdvisor’s 2018 True Cost Survey reveal that homeowners are opting to remodel versus sell and move: Over 80 percent say they plan to remain in their existing homes, and half of all respondents are thinking about making improvements. Consider, too, that only 7 percent of owners are renovating to prepare their homes to be sold, per a recent poll by LightStream—the lowest percentage tallied since 2015; 14 percent of owners across all age groups cite “aging in place” as a rationale for making upgrades.

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