September 8, 2019

Why AI schools rule

Google, Amazon, Facebook and other big tech players in the industry continue to expand the boundaries of artificial intelligence and speech technology as well as reap the profits earned from related products and services. But while these private sector giants, and the scientists, researchers and innovators who work for them, continue to grab headlines and market share, arguably the most cutting-edge and important discoveries in the field are coming from the hallowed halls of academia.

That’s because many universities, colleges and other institutions of higher learning have ramped up their curricula related to AI, machine learning and speech technology in recent years and bolstered their programs and departments with impressive faculty and resources. The reason is simple: growing demand from students seeking to earn a degree in these tech fields and fill the strong demand for high-paying high-tech jobs. Armed with bright minds, smart tools and a determination to innovate, these educational establishments are pushing technology forward faster thanks to groundbreaking research, testing and inventions.

But while learning opportunities at schools have increased, so have the challenges—including recruitment and retention of skilled teachers, lack of funding, inability to meet enrollment demand, and keeping up with the pace of progress.

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