February 16, 2020

Home sweet home style

In addition to price, location, condition, year built, and area amenities, one of the most important factors that buyers consider in a home purchase is the architectural design and floorplan. And for good reason: The style and layout of a home makes an instant impression and has a major impact on comfort, flow, spatial organization, and overall livability.

So which particular design is ideal for your needs? While the answer is, of course, highly subjective, it’s interesting to consider the findings of a recent study by Redfin. After analyzing around 100 metro areas, Redfin learned that the seven most popular home styles are, in order: (1) ranch; (2) craftsman; (3) townhouse; (4) contemporary; (5) modern; (6) colonial; and (7) Cape Cod.

Curious to learn more? Read my full article on this topic published in the Omaha World Herald, available here.