December 13, 2020

Play it smart by socially distancing this holiday season

Can’t decide how big of a turkey to buy for your upcoming family feast? Planning a big Santa shindig this December? You may want to rethink your holiday festivities this year and take pandemic-related precautions if you expect to congregate with loved ones over the next few weeks, the experts agree.

“COVID-19 isn’t going away anytime soon, and new waves of infection will likely occur in the fall and winter – just as the holiday season begins,” says William Li, MD, an internationally renowned physician, scientist, and COVID-19 researcher in Cambridge, Massachusetts. “The holidays are times when large numbers of family and friends gather together and socialize indoors, often over meals. But these are the exact circumstances when the coronavirus can spread.”

To reduce your risks, it’s smart to play it safe and plan extra carefully if you’ll be hosting a holiday dinner or seasonal get-together this year. Learn what the experts recommend by reading my latest article on this topic for CTW Features, available here.