February 7, 2021

Bottom dollar battles

Bull market or bear market, upturn or downturn, dollar retailers have proven they can survive and thrive no matter the economic climate.

Even a lingering pandemic can’t keep the channel down, with a steady array of patrons turning to dollar stores for everyday essentials and non-perishables to keep their pantry stocked–especially with many restaurants going dark and long lines at the big box locations and neighborhood grocery stores.

Indeed, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar and other dollar discount rivals remain poised to capitalize on a growing base of customers seeking bargains, staples and a quick, expedient shopping experience. The fulfillment of that latter need state continues to be particularly worrisome to C-stores vying for many of the same consumers. All the greater reason to pay closer attention to the dollar channel and analyze recent and future strategies that may help to level the competitive landscape.

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