April 5, 2021

Is your company's contact center technology up to snuff?

If the coronavirus crisis taught us anything, it’s that contact centers are in greater demand than ever before, with resources spread thin. That’s especially true as more consumers prefer contactless communication with enterprises as they increasingly choose e-commerce options over brick-and-mortar stores and offices.

Problem is, many companies aren’t able to satisfy the increased push for customer interaction via phone, text, chat, video, social media, or otherwise. The common culprit? Insufficient technologies and infrastructure, which can limit a business's ability to communicate efficiently with patrons and respond punctually to queries, complaints, and requests.

The experts agree: It’s time to take stock of your contact center’s technological capabilities, identify weaknesses, and implement multichannel solutions that keep pace with industry standards and consumer expectations. Learn more by reading my newest cover story for Destination CRM magazine, available here.