August 3, 2021

Got one of these coveted outdoor features? Your home may fetch a higher price

If you’re preparing to sell a home, you’re sitting pretty right now. Shopper demand is through the roof, many offers are resulting in bidding wars, and low inventory continues to stack the deck against buyers.

But you’re in a particularly favorable spot if your property also boasts alfresco amenities that are currently popular with buyers. In fact, your home may sell more speedily and/or at a higher price if your outdoor features check the right boxes.

Based on a recent Zillow report, the following family-friendly exterior features are contributing to residences selling much more quickly than anticipated: a backyard (these listings sold 5.2 days faster than expected); a sandbox (4.5 days faster); or a playground (2.5 days). Listing keywords mentioning nearby parks, cul de sacs, walkable neighborhoods, and community pools can help a property sell between two and five days quicker than hoped, too.

Learn more about the most in-demand outdoor attractions included with homes for sale by reading my latest CTW Features article, published by the Dallas Morning News, available here.