June 29, 2023

A workspace away from the rat race

Three years ago, home offices were all the rage as millions of Americans were forced to work remotely due to the pandemic. But even though many of us have returned to our original job sites, 79% of businesses today allow employees to work fully or partially from home, per recent ResumeBuilder.com data. And over 5.1 million businesses were launched in 2022, up from 3.5 million in 2019 – with many of these owners operating out of their homes.

But whether or not you’ve spent time telecommuting since 2020, it’s smart to create an official home office or revamp your existing one, the experts agree. Chances are you stand to significantly benefit today or in the future from a designated workspace that’s carefully planned, appropriately appointed, and conducive to increased efficiency. Explore more on this topic by reading my newest story for The Costco Connection magazine, available here.