May 18, 2019

Got artificial intelligence smarts? You're in high hiring demand

Anyone who works in human resources for a company looking to hire will likely tell you that they face an overall talent shortage challenge today—regardless of the industry or sector they compete in. It’s simply a fact of life lately in a booming economy with an unemployment rate that remains near record lows. In fact, over four in 10 businesses are worried they won’t be able to find the talent they need, according to Indeed polling; and almost three in four employers are finding it hard to recruit relevant prospects, per TalentNow. Contributing to this quandary is the fact that the rate of labor force participation is dwindling; U.S. Census and Bureau of Labor data show that the percentage of eligible U.S. workers is expected to fall to approximately 61 percent by 2026 (down from about 67% in the late 1990s), partially due to lots of baby boomer retirements.

But candidates who possess artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML)-related aptitudes appear to particularly be in short supply. I delve deeper into this topic in my latest article for Speech Technology Magazine, which you can read in full here.