May 31, 2020

Hair today, (not) gone tomorrow

Soldiers on the front line in the war to stop hair loss are wielding a new weapon that also serves as a proud combat helmet: the Theradome, an innovative device that uses lasers to promote hair regrowth. Only this battle is being fought—and won—painlessly and privately from the comforts of home, thanks to the inspired vision and dogged efforts of a former NASA engineer.

Tamim Hamid was renowned for designing laser systems used by the Space Shuttle program, but he couldn’t make headway in his struggle to stem his progressing hair loss. So he began creating custom lasers and testing them on his scalp. After years of research and experimentation, Hamid launched his company, Theradome, Inc., in 2009. 

His dream was to create an affordable hair regrowth device that virtually anyone could use at home, with no prescription or medications required and no harmful side effects. He achieved that dream with the invention of the Theradome, a cordless, lightweight helmet apparatus that runs on a small rechargeable battery.

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