December 1, 2021

Shoppable TV: What is it, and why do companies need it?

As consumers, we’ve been long conditioned to look at television as more than a mere entertainment and informational device. As the enduring popularity of QVC and the Home Shopping Network has demonstrated for decades, watchers often covet the goods and products they see on screen, which creates a fantastic opportunity for savvy marketers to capitalize on, provided they partner with the right technology and outlets.

In recent years, a confluence of events has ushered in a new era of shoppable TV, including technological innovation and advancements, a shift in consumer buying behavior from brick-and-mortar retail to online e-commerce, and the increasing consumer adoption of streaming and on-demand convenience capabilities via smartphones and smart televisions – trends that have been accelerated due to the pandemic. Exciting new sales opportunities are now available to brands and companies that, with the right planning and execution, are poised to benefit from the burgeoning growth and acceptance of shoppable TV.

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