July 14, 2022

Cineversary podcast speaks up about The Quiet Man on its 70th anniversary

In Cineversary podcast episode #49, host Erik Martin takes an audio trip to the Emerald Isle to pay tribute to one of John Ford’s finest works, The Quiet Man, which enjoys a 70th anniversary this summer. Erik is joined in the celebration by two terrific guests: Joseph McBride, a film professor at San Francisco State University, cinema historian, and author of several books including Searching For John Ford, Billy Wilder: Dancing on the Edge, and The Whole Durn Human Comedy: Life According to the Coen Brothers; and Des MacHale, a mathematics professor at University College Cork in Ireland and author of The Complete Guide to the Quiet Man. Together, they explore why The Quiet Man remains so beloved around the world, its cultural impact, elements considered controversial today, and more.

Joseph McBride and Des MacHale
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